~about us~

Hi! We’re a group of 5 MGS girls who embarked on a journey to Chiang Mai withย Skillseed, the theme for the trip being “Food For Futures”. For our Pre-PEAKS training, we had the wonderful opportunity of meetingย Cynthia from @superfarmers, who explained to us the benefits of growing your own plants, and how simple it is! During our trip to Chiang Mai, we also learnt more about organic farming, and when we returned we decided to encourage others to grow their own mini garden at home!

We hope that you’ll journey with us as we document the process of growing kai lan (Chinese Kale), ๅฐ็™ฝ่œ, basil and mint, as we provide tips/advice and more! Growing your really vegetables/ herbs really doesn’t require much, except for a huge dose of patience and persistence – but it will be worth it as home-grown vegetables really do taste fresher and sweeter! If you have any questions about your plants, please feel free to Instagram dm @super.sprouts or message Colette at 83200724, and we will try our best to answer your queries. Thank you!! ๐Ÿ™‚